Code Compliance

This document provides information to the public regarding the Code Compliance Program for the City of Davis. The Code Compliance Coordinator enforces the City of Davis Municipal Code.

It is the goal of the City and its citizens that all property owners and tenants maintain their property’s appearance and value. Our City Code has been established to help maintain a standard in our community for all to enjoy. The observance of these codes by property owners and their tenants, in turn, motivates other property owners to maintain their properties to these standards.

The Code Compliance Program is a citizen-based program that inspects and investigates complaints from citizens of the City of Davis. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Code Compliance Coordinator will conduct a site visit to investigate the reported violation. After confirmation of the violation, the Code Compliance Coordinator will take necessary steps to gain compliance with City Codes. These steps are outlined in further detail below.

Steps Involved In Enforcing Code Compliance

  1. A Complaint is received by the City.
  2. A Notice of Violation (written warning) is mailed to the property owner, if different. The Notice of Violation will state that the City received a complaint related to a potential violation on the property. The notice will state that if the complaint is correct, the violation must be corrected and state a deadline to correct. A copy of the letter will also be sent to the complainant. There will be no follow-up from the City at this point.
  3. If we receive another complaint regarding the same issue, on the same property, the City will make a site visit to verify the violation. If a violation is verified, the City will issue an Administrative Citation giving a date specific to correct. A re-inspection will be made on the date corrective action was required. If the violation was corrected, the case will be recorded in the Code Compliance database and closed. If the violation has not been corrected, a $100 Administrative Citation will be imposed. Re-inspections will be made and additional citations will be issued for everyday the violation is not corrected. The 2nd citation is $200, and any subsequent violations will be $500 each.

How to Request a Code Compliance Investigation

Code Compliance investigations are initiated on a complaint basis. It is City of Davis’ policy to make every effort to keep the complainants information anonymous. However, the party must provide their name, address, and phone before action will be taken.

A request for investigation can be filed in one of two ways:

  • Complete a request for investigation form and submit it to the Davis Police Department. The form is available at the Police Department, 2600 Fifth St, or at City Hall, 23 Russell Boulevard, or use our online request for investigation. Completed requests may be submitted via email, hand delivery, or mail service.
  • Call the Code Compliance Hotline at (530) 757-5646 and leave a detailed message including the address of the property, a detailed description of the code violation, and the name,address and phone number of the reporting party. These messages are transcribed and forwarded to the Code Compliance Coordinator daily.

Common Code Violations

The most common code violations in the City of Davis are those that are in public view. While there are many possible code violations, there are some that occur more commonly than others. Below is a list of the most common code violations in the City of Davis.

  • Uncontrolled grass or weeds in public view lacking regular maintenance
  • Cars parked on the lawn on other unimproved surface
  • Dry grass and weeds that present a fire hazard
  • Construction materials and basketball hoops places on the street or sidewalk
  • Garbage/trash scattered around the property
  • Indoor furniture in the front of the property in public view (indoor couches in front yard)
  • Dilapidated or inoperative vehicles parked on private property and in public view
  • Construction activity without required zoning approvals and/or building permits
  • Loud noise from parties

Note: For all immediate emergencies requiring law enforcement, fire, and/or medical response Please dial 911.

Who is Responsible for Property Maintenance & Correcting Code Violations?

Ultimately, the Property Owner is responsible for ensuring that code violations are corrected. However, the property tenants may also have an obligation (through the rental agreement) to keep the property in good condition and free from code violations. Under California Civil Code Sections 1928 and 2941.2, tenants are required to take reasonable care of the rented property. The tenant is responsible for damages caused by him/her or anyone else for which he/she is responsible for (e.g. children and guests) that result from neglect or abuse. The landlord is responsible for repairing conditions that seriously affect the rental unit’s habitability. For less serious repairs, responsibility to make repairs is often determined by the rental agreement.

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