Independent Police Auditor / Ombudsman

Bob Aaronson, Police Ombudsman

Bob Aaronson, Independent Police Auditor / Ombudsman
Davis, CA 95616

The City Council created the position of  Independent Police Auditor / Ombudsman, a part-time contract position, in 2006. The city of Davis contracts with Bob Aaronson to provide police ombudsman services. The Davis  Independent Police Auditor / Ombudsman is an independent entity hired to assist with concerns about the police department and to make recommendations to improve the delivery of police services. In the course of his duties, he may review Police Department citizen complaint investigations, take citizen complaints about the Police Department from people who do not feel comfortable going directly to the Department, and interact with community members and organizations. Mr. Aaronson is available by email, voicemail or in person by appointment.

If you wish to make a citizen’s complaint about a specific interaction with the Police Department, you must fill out a citizen complaint form. This form is available at the Davis Police Department, at the Police Ombudsman’s office, in the City Manager’s Office at City Hall, at the Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library. If you return a citizen’s complaint to the  Independent Police Auditor / Ombudsman, he will send it to the Professional Standards Unit of the Police Department so that they may complete a formal investigation. He can help guide you through the complaint process; he does not take the place of a police investigation.

Bob Aaronson is an attorney who specializes in public entity employment law, in particular law enforcement. He has conducted and supervised internal affairs investigations, audited personnel procedures in departments across the state. Additionally, he currently serves as the contract Police Auditor (a role similar to Davis’s) for the city of Santa Cruz and served as Legal Counsel to their former Citizen Police Review Board. He has worked with more than half of the law enforcement agencies in California.

Mr. Aaronson received his undergraduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his JD from Stanford Law School. He teaches courses statewide in law enforcement discipline, internal affairs investigations and ethics topics. He is also a member of the Police Executive Research Forum, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement.

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