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The Investigations Division of the Davis Police Department is responsible for follow-up on all major cases. Any out of town follow up case work as well as search and arrest warrants are coordinated out of this division. The Investigations Division is divided into two units, Adult Criminal Investigations and Child Abuse / Sexual Assault Investigations.

The Investigation Division consists of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, one Corporal, six Detectives, a Property/ Evidence Specialist and a Youth Intervention Specialist. There is one additional Detective assigned to the Yolo Narcotic Enforcement Team (YONET).

Examples of cases handled by Adult Criminal Detectives are homicides, missing adults, property crimes, armed robberies, identity theft, and major assault crimes. The Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Detectives handle all matters relating to missing children, child abuse, sexual assault cases and crimes committed by juveniles.

The Youth Intervention Specialist serves as a liaison between the Police Department, school officials and the community at large. The Specialist works with students at school sites and with families in crisis. The Youth Intervention Specialist also oversees an in-house diversion program for first time juvenile offenders. Meetings are arranged with the juveniles and their parents to discuss their case. If the juvenile meets certain criteria, he or she may be placed on a contract for a 6-month period. This may include being assigned to complete a certain amount of community service hours, to attend school on a regular basis, essays, etc.

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